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The Cheyenne Aquatic Center is open! Reserve your swim time today! 

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COVID-19 Information


COVID-19 Information

Stay up to date with the rules, hours, and reservations!

Helpful Reminders

Rules and Regulations

Aquatic Center Hours and Program Times

Contact Us

Contact Us

Call or email the Management Team if you have questions, or concerns. We are happy to help.


Aquatics Manager

Office: 307-637-6456

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Aquatics Foreman Staffing

Alex Sutton
Office: 307-637-6457
Email: Asutton@cheyennecity.org

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Aquatics Foreman Maintenance

Tom Berg
Office: 307-638-4376
Email: Tberg@cheyennecity.org

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Facility Hours

Facility Hours

Each facility is listed below. Our hours change between the school year and summer!

Cheyenne Aquatic Center

931 Martin Esquibel Street, Cheyenne

Click here for current hours and program times.

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Call 307.637.6455 for more information.



Johnson Pool-NOW OPEN!

303 East 8th Street, Cheyenne

Open now until August 22nd.

Click here for hours and program times.

No reservations are required for Johnson Pool Swim Times. It is first come first serve. The facility will be cleared out after each program. Each patron will need to pay per program time. You may not pay for both rec swim sessions in advanced.

Sloan's Lake Boat Rentals-Opening Date TBA

In Lions Park, Cheyenne
Located at intersection of Carey Avenue & 8th Avenue
307-637-6423 (open seasonally)

Opening Summer Season-DATE TBA
Weather Permitting


Click here to view hours and program times. 

There is no swimming permitted at Sloan’s Lake.

For large group reservations, please call 307-637-6455.

Cheyenne Aquatic Center Spray Park-NOW OPEN!

Open June 5th – August 22nd


Click here for current hours and program times.

Located behind the Cheyenne Aquatic Center
931 Martin Esquibel Street, Cheyenne

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Depot Splash Pad-NOW OPEN!

Now open through Labor Day 2021

Located in the downtown depot plaza, the Splash Pad is free to the public and operates from Memorial Day to Labor Day, as weather permits.

Read the rules before you go! Click here.

Call 307.637.6455 for for information.

Admission Fees

Admission Fees

Each facility has different fees. Please note that Johnson Pool and the Beach Boat Rentals do not accept credit/debit cards. Plan ahead and buy a punch card!

Cheyenne Aquatic Center

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Recreational Swim Fees:
Under 4: Free
Ages 5 – 59: $5
Ages 60+: $4.50
Master: $4.50
Military: $4.50
Family: Please ask the front counter about our family pricing

Lap Swim Fees:
Ages 8-59: $3.75
Ages 60+: $3.25
Master: $3.25
Military: $3.25

Toddler Time Fee:

Water Exercise Drop-In Fee:


Johnson Pool-Now Open!

Recreational Swim Fees:
Closed for 2020 Season
Under 7: $1.25
Ages 8 – 17: $3
Ages 18 – 59: $3.50
Ages 60+: $3

Lap Swim Fees:
Closed for 2020 Season
Under 7: $1.25
Ages 8-17: $2.25
Ages 18-59: $2.50
Ages 60+: $2.25

Sloan's Lake Boat Rentals-Opening Date TBA

Closed for 2020 Season
30 Minutes: $6
1 Hour: $9

Closed for 2020 Season
30 Minutes: $5
1 Hour: $8

Closed for 2020 Season
30 Minutes: $4
1 Hour: $6

Closed for 2020 Season
30 Minutes: $10
1 Hours: $20

For large group reservations, please call 307-637-6455.

Spray Park-Now Open!

Now open through August 22nd.

General Fees:
8 Years and Under: $1.25
9 Years & Over: $2.25

All payments must be completed at the Front Counter inside of the Aquatic Center.

Spray Park access will be from the south gate only. No entrance to the main facility will be permitted.


Punch Cards and Passes

Punch Cards and Passes

Save money and buy a punch card or pass. Details below.


Aquatic Fitness Pass

Aqua Fitness Class Pass:
$50/month for full access to all Aqua Ex. classes, rec & lap swims. Please register for classes to be guaranteed a spot.

Punch Cards


For Lap Swim, Recreational Swims, Johnson Pool, Boat Rentals and Water Exercise Drop-Ins:

  • $20 worth of swimming for $18
  • $30 worth of swimming for $27
  • $40 worth of swimming for $36
  • $50 worth of swimming for $45



1 Month:
Ages 8 – 17: $30
Ages 18 – 59: $45
Ages 60+: $30
Master: $25
Military: $30
Family: $90

6 Months:
Ages 8 – 17: $140
Ages 18 – 59: $160
Ages 60+: $140
Master: $125
Military: $140
Family: $480

1 Year: 
Ages 8 – 17: $200
Ages 18 – 59: $250
Ages 60+: $200
Master: $180
Military: $200
Family: $650
Military Family: $550

Aquatic Fitness

Aquatic Fitness

Classes have resumed at normal capacities. Please note only certain classes will have drop in spaces available.

Aqua Ex Information Flyer

June-August Aqua Ex Calendar

Acquapole® Toning

The Acquapole Toning program utilizes the resistance of the water, the use of music, and the unique acquapole to improve all the components of fitness. It tones arms, shoulders, abdomen and legs. Acquapole Fitness involves 20 grips and 150 exercises using those grips. A unique, versatile class suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Limit of 8 participants.

No Drop In’s Permitted.

Aqua Mix

The focus of this class is primarily developing cardiorespiratory conditioning and muscle toning. Workouts include a full body workout, with equipment. The water provides less strain for your joints, while you build up your heart muscles. The class is a medium to high intensity level in shallow water.

Aqua Exercise

This format of exercise provides you with an over all body workout in the shallow water. This is a medium intensity workout, using water and equipment for resistance, toning muscles, and increasing endurance. The workouts include static stretching exercise, with emphasis on moving through a normal range of motion and basic aerobics.

Aqua Spin

Aqua Spin is an indoor cycling class format that takes place in a pool. Participants get on stationary bikes that are submerged 3-4 feet of water, and they are required to pedal against the resistance of the water. In this class you will stand up, sit down, cycle fast, cycle slow, swing arms to the left and right with added equipment for toning. Hard work? Yes. Big Benefits? Yes! Water shoes are a requirement for this class!

No Drop In’s Permitted.

Aqua Tabata

The format of this class incorporates high intensity interval training. It alternates short bouts of high intensity moves with less intense recovery periods. The water offers added resistance and reduces impact to the joints. You can use this as your personal form of exercise to build endurance and raise metabolism or as a cross-training for athletic land-based performance.

Aqua Toning

A class designed to improve mobility through a series of stretching and strengthening exercises, performed in shallow water. It utilizes equipment and water resistance to help tone specific muscle groups. This is a low intensity class with little cardiovascular endurance.

Deep Water Walking

This is a full body workout, a combination of cardiorespiratory, and muscle conditioning. Conducted in the deep water, participants can increase range of motion using non-impact movements. Walking in water works your upper body equally as hard as your lower body because water gives all of your submerged muscles 12 to 14 times the resistance of air. Flotation belts are provided.

Deep Water Mix

With this class you will participate in a full body workout while in the deep water. You may use buoyant equipment to keep you afloat. Equipment will also be used in some classes to help with body strengthening. There will also be stretching involved to tone those muscles! Do not forget that cardio! Come join this evening class for a fun, full body workout to end your day!

Learn to Swim, Swim Team, and Diving

Learn to Swim, Swim Team, and Diving

Our classes have resumed. Registration for May is now open. Registration for summer classes will be in mid may.

Current Learn to Swim Schedule

Parent and Child 1/2

Parent Child courses begin with children 6 months to 3-4 years of age with a caregiver in the water. The purpose of this course is to teach the parents how to introduce their child to the water and begin the foundational skills like feeling buoyancy, getting their face wet, and moving their arms and legs in the water. A class filled with fun songs and silly games; this is a great place to start with water exploration.

Preschool Levels 1, 2, & 3

Combining all the skills learned in Preschool Levels 1-3, this class utilizes parental interaction to teach swimming skills while adhering to CDC distancing standards.

Learn to Swim Level 1/2

Used as a starting point and as a point of continued education, Learn to Swim level 1 reviews and builds upon basic skills. Instructors will work with children and their parents to improve their skills and begin developing stroke technique while adhering to CDC social distancing standards.

Learn to Swim Level 3

Used as a turning point in fundamental skills, Learn to Swim level 3 takes stroke techniques and develops them further. Instructors will work with children on expanding their knowledge and capability of all the strokes and dives.

Learn to Swim Level 4/5

In Learn to Swim Level 4, swimmers improve on strokes and techniques introduced in Learn to Swim Level 3. Learn to Swim Level 4 also focuses on swimmers improving their independence, endurance and safety in the water.

Learn to Swim Level 5 is designed to help swimmers refine their technique in all six of the strokes taught in Learn to Swim. Swimmers also focus on skills that improve their independence and safety in the water.

Please note that at the current time we have combined these classes due to low enrollment.

Orca Swim Team


This program is for children who have Learn to Swim Level 5 or higher ability, love to swim, and want to learn the fundamentals of competitive swimming. This program includes structured swim practices with the following components; stretching, warm up, stroke technique, endurance work, sprinting, and cool down, along with competitive games. This is an excellent program to familiarize children with the lifelong sport of swimming and a good stepping stone toward competitive swimming in high school. Monthly swim meets are scheduled throughout the summer. The fee includes a swim session good for recreational swimming at the Cheyenne Aquatic Center. Come join the fun and experience competitive swimming.

Beginning Springboard Diving Class

This hour-long class is for children with no prior springboard diving lessons or experience. You’ll learn proper technique for forward and backward approaches, takeoffs (leaving the springboard), and proper entries. Basic required dives (forward, back, reverse, inward, and twist) will be introduced. Must be comfortable in deep water and be able to swim to side of pool unassisted. Springboard diving is a technical sport and requires repetition of basic skills before moving onto next skill set. Students will progress at their own rate. An advanced springboard class will be added if necessary.

Call 307.637.6455 or stop by the Aquatic Center to register.

American Red Cross Training Classes

American Red Cross Training Classes

We have several Instructors that will offer various classes through out the year. If you have a special request for a class or need a private group class set up please contact 307.637.6455.

Lifeguard Class

August 2021 Lifeguard Class-Traditional In Class

August 9-13th


CLICK HERE for class schedule. Call 307.637.6455 for more details. Registration deadline is August 2.

Water Safety Instructor Class

Next WSI Class TBA

CPR/AED/First Aid Classes

Information Coming Soon…

Lifeguard Instructor Course

Next LGI Class TBA

Wilderness First Aid

Information Coming Soon…

Babysitter Course

Information Coming Soon…

Rental Information

Rental Information

Pool and equipment rentals are based on signed contracts. Contracts are subject to change. Please contact 307.637.6455 for more information and to complete a contract for your next event.

Rec Swim Parties

Information Coming Soon…

Private Parties

Information Coming Soon…

Johnson Pool Rental

Information Coming Soon…

Spray Park Rental

Information Coming Soon…

Rental Extras

Information Coming Soon…

Special Events and Programs

Special Events and Programs

We have special events and programs throughout the year!

Facility Rules

Facility Rules

For the safest and most enjoyable experience, please review the rules before enjoying any of our facilities.

All facilities employ the Under-8 rule, specifying that those under the age of 8 must be within arm’s reach of an adult (15 years or older) at all times.


Oden's Corner

Oden’s Corner

Oden The Orca is our local mascot! This is the spot for children to visit. Catch up on what adventures Oden is having, fun trivia, contests, coloring pages, and more!

Oden's Adventures

Information Coming Soon…

Orca Trivia

Information Coming Soon…

CAC Trivia

Information Coming Soon…

Oden's Contests

Information Coming Soon…

Oden's Coloring Pages

Information Coming Soon…